1. Media

    Delivering commercial marketing and sustainable value for our clients.
  2. Digital

    Innovators within this business sector and at the forefront of emerging products and services.
  3. NextGen:

    We are committed to creating a sustainable future with Renewable Engery.
  4. Environment

    Our environmental team provide sustainable, responsible and cost effective solutions.
  5. Building Services

    Commercial maintenance, refurbishment and security solutions.
  6. One

    With AVC One Hosted Telephony, you get a fully-fledged business-class VoIP service
  7. Polska

    AVC Polska, founded in 1992, a leader in global service solutions.

Latest News

AVC, a group of leading global services companies, has over 20 years experience developing and delivering end-to-end solutions in Digital, Media, NextGen:, Environmental, Wireless Networks and Building Services business sectors in over 2 million locations per annum.

Our bespoke solutions deliver commercial, marketing and sustainable value to our customers supported by one of the largest field engineering teams in the UK, geographically dispersed to provide a coherent national service that is highly integrated with local communities.